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Monday, 14 May 2018

Ift Las Vegas - Usa - Las Vegas


About ift las vegas

ift las vegas Trade Show event is happening at Usa Las Vegas.

Advantages of ift las vegas

ift las vegas Trade Show event is mainly focuses on profile of exhibit based on bread and bakery products, confectionery, soft drinks, juices, water, groceries, dairy products, cheeses, food supplements, aromatizes, ingredients, spices, frozen foods, half-finished products, vegetables and fruits, canned food, dietetic products, equipment for food processing, manufacturing, processing, storing and packing, package.

Opportunities in ift las vegas for Exhibitors & Visitors

ift las vegas Trade Show event provides the ability to meet exhibitors from ift las vegas 2017 is annual meeting and food expo. ift las vegas 2017 to be held on 25-28 june 2016 in las vegas, nevada, united states of america. the show will attract more and more exhibitors as well as visitors to participate and direct connect and interact with each other on the most recent market innovations and lucrative business opportunities in the respective field and expand and disseminate their business in the global market.

ift las vegas Trade Show event gives a great platform for visitors on visitors like manufacturers, consultants, convenience retailers, departmental stores managers, dieticians, nutritionists, food technologists architects, designers, engineers, e-retailers, restaurant management and much more.